Halloween 2009

This is another post I’ve been meaning to do all week and haven’t gotten it done because I took too many pictures and couldn’t decide which ones to edit and use.  I get snap happy with my cameras and never know when to stop!

Halloween seemed like a two day holiday this year – on Friday, Oct. 30th, the elementray school our grandchildren attend had their Halloween celebrations.  Kindergarten through Second Grade went on a parade around our tiny town and got treats from the businesses and post office.


Nephi (Optimus Prime) in the Halloween Parade

Third through Fifth Grade had a costume exhibition – some of the kids had fantastic costumes.  Afterwards, all the classes had Halloween parties.


Darrin the Mummy

Then on Saturday it was time for trick or treating.  We usually have around 100 trick or treaters come to our house – this year I thought there might be a lot more than usual because the weather was so nice and it was on the weekend.  However, there were only 47 trick or treaters this year.  Perhaps the nice weather and weekend combined made families decide to head somewhere else on Saturday.


Optimus Prime and the Mummy

Our grandkids wore the same costumes they wore at school and ended their trick or treating at our house so they could help give out treats – they really enjoy doing that.


Darrin giving out treats.

Along with fewer than usual trick or treaters this year, they started coming later that usual as well.  Our first trick or treater didn’t come till 7pm!  They usually start shortly after 5pm. 


Nephi giving out treats.

It ended up being a fun and Happy Halloween! 


Toothless and Happy on Halloween!

If you would like to see more pictures from Halloween, here is a link for a set of Halloween pictures on Flickr:

Halloween 2009

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Shania, Larissa and Friends



We had 75 Trick or Treaters this year! That is a new record for the over 20 years we have been living in this house.  Usually, there are around 50 or so.  It was a warm night which must have made it more fun to be outside.  Sometimes, it is bitter cold here on Halloween.

Even though we live in a tiny town of only around 700 people, we get more trick or treaters than people who live in much larger towns and cities.  I guess everyone here likes to take their children out to trick or treat!


The picture above is of my two grandsons. They were both soldiers this year.


This picture shows my friend’s two youngest girls.  They are almost like my grandchildren, too!  The youngest one is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and the older one is dressed up like a baby.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year.  It is so fun to see the little kids come to the door in their costumes.