Busy Birdfeeder on a Snowy Day

It snowed a LOT here on Wednesday (October 21, 2009), that didn’t stop the birds from coming to visit the birdfeeder in our back yard though.  In fact, it seemed like there were more birds than usual.

Lots of birds at the feeder despite the snow.

Lots of birds at the feeder despite the snow.

Along with the usual House Finches there was one bird that was a similar size and had a similar beak to the finches but had yellow markings instead of red.

Is the bird with yellow markings a Goldfinch?

Is the bird with yellow markings a Goldfinch?

I’m not sure what it is – it really doesn’t look like a Goldfinch.  I’ll have to look it up in the bird book.

House Finches and one mystery bird with yellow markings.

House Finches and one mystery bird with yellow markings.

The birds were bickering with each other over the last seeds in the feeder.  We fill this feeder with black oil sunflower seeds every single day and they eat the whole thing before noon.  House Finches are the most common birds at our feeder but there are a few other types once in a while.  A group of five Ring Necked Doves hangs out under the feeder eating the seeds that get dropped.  Every once in a while, Brewer’s Blackbirds hang out underneath, too.

Bickering Birds

Bickering Birds

Our front and back yard looked like a winter wonderland in the morning.

Snow in the back yard.

Snow in the back yard.

It kept snowing all day!  The snow built up to 8 inches deep towards the end of the day.

Snow in the front yard.

Snow in the front yard.

 You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view.


5 Responses

  1. OMG! Your camera is amazing. Those pics are just stunning! I can’t believe you guys have snow already. Isn’t it too early? What happened to the fall weather? Did ya just skip that? 🙂 All we’ve had here is rain, rain and more rain for over a month and there’s more coming in this weekend. yuck.

  2. Sammie, I can’t believe all the snow. We watched the weather last night and it showed another storm near you yesterday, Sunday. Did you catch it too? We’re having beautiful warm days, 60 degrees, and cold nights, 28 degrees, and no rain since last Wednesday and Thursday. It’s just gold and orange everywhere we look.
    Our birds are going crazy here. I’ve had downy woodpeckers, flickers and chickadees finally move in and the little juncos are back. I’ve also had a few stray goldfinches still trying to eat my cosmos seeds and sunflower seeds. I wonder where they winter?
    Loved the pictures,

  3. beautiful shots – those lil’ birds are greedy (I watch Poirot all evening on Saturday 🙂 )

  4. Lovely pictures! Right now I’m listening to Chet Baker and Paul Desmond’s version of Autumn Leaves and even though the pictures aren’t of Autumn they go beautifully with the song. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Most of the snow has melted now – only the snow on the north side of the house and sheds is left now. It is so beautiful and yet so messy – one of those things you love and dislike at the same time.

    It is supposed to snow again tomorrow – we’ll see!

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