Ravelry Meetup In Santa Fe

RavelryButtonRavelry held a Meetup in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Oodles Yarn and Bead Gallery on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009 and I got to go!  We don’t live really close to Santa Fe – a little over a two hour drive – but my husband said he didn’t mind driving down so I could attend the Meetup and get some shopping done in Santa Fe, as well.  So, we went!  Well, he didn’t attend the Meetup, he hung around Borders Bookstore while I was there.

For those of you who don’t know what Ravelry is – it’s an on-line community for knitters, crochet people, spinners and weavers.

It was so nice meeting Mary Heather and many other Ravelers and putting faces to user names.  There were lots of people there – well over 20.  Everyone had fun visiting, knitting and shopping at Oodles Yarn and Bead Gallery.  It is a very nice Yarn Shop – lots and lots of yarns and cozy areas to sit and knit.  Even though we’ve been in Santa Fe many times, I had never been in this shop before.  It is a narrow but very long store and they have an amazing amount of yarn.

I’m so glad my husband didn’t mind driving down so I could attend the Meetup – it was very enjoyable!

Here are some pictures of the Meetup – you can click on any of them for a larger view.

Mary Heather visited with everyone.

Mary Heather visited with everyone.

Long, narrow yarn shop.

Long, narrow yarn shop.

Having fun.

Having fun.

Everyone enjoyed shopping.

Everyone enjoyed shopping.

Cozy space to knit.

Cozy space to knit.

Afterwards, we got some shopping done at a nice grocery store called Sunflower Farmer’s Market – kind of like Whole Foods but more reasonably priced and so many things available in bulk and very fresh produce.  We shall go back there next time we are in Santa Fe.

We also ate dinner at a nice Italian restaurant called Pranza.  The soup was amazing – you could taste every individual flavor – spinach, cheese and cauliflower. 

Dinner at Pranza's

Dinner at Pranza's

All in all, we had a very fun Saturday road trip to Santa Fe!


8 Responses

  1. oh that is so great you got to go down to the meet up! I saw it listed the other day and wondered if you would head down. Looks like a super cute shop… sheesh I need to blog.

  2. It would have even more fun if you could have gone, too, Emmy Lou! It would have been a fun thing to do together. Wish you still lived here!

  3. Hi Sammie! I’m Marilyn from Aztec, NM. I found your blog from the NM group on Ravelry and love it. We drive through La Jara about once a year on our way to Kansas to visit my 82 yo mother. I love your neck of the woods. It’s got the best views.
    We try to get to Chama at least a few times a year except we haven’t made it yet this year. Maybe aroud the color change which is pretty quick.

    Loved your pictures of the meet-up in Santa Fe. I love Taos & Santa Fe!!!!! Sure wish I could have been there. My DH (of 34 years) wasn’t very cooperative this weekend. He made lots of other plans for us….ugh. Glad it was fun and that there was a good turn out.

    See ya on Ravelry!
    Marilyn in NM
    knittinmar on Ravelry

  4. Hi Marilyn, Wow, you’ve heard of La Jara and actually been through here! Most people have never heard of our tiny little hamlet.

    The fall colors are so beautiful around Chama, we like to take the drive up Conejos Canyon, through Chama and then over to Pagosa Springs and then over Wolf Creek Pass to South Fork each fall. It is so lovely.

    I’ve just been reading your blog – it is so nice!


  5. I just saw the meetup info … a little late, I guess! I wish I would have checked in sooner; I would have liked to go. Plus, I’m dying to ride the train. How many people ended up going? Was there much actual knitting going on? How long did people stay?

  6. Hi Robyn, I wish you could have come – it was fun. There were over 20 people there and quite a few of them rode the train from Albuquerque. Most people were there several hours and there wasn’t a ton of knitting going on but everyone did seem to have something to knit. There were some really fab socks being worked on.

  7. Hi Sammie,
    Came across your “blog” by accident while visiting the Santa Fe meetup for Ravelry. I lived there for 3 short years and miss it very much. I have visited Oodles and have a friend that works there, Mary. Bev the owner is terrific and if I could find work in New Mexico I would be back there in a heartbeat. I am not familiar with LaJara but am with most of the other mentions you make.
    I have been living in Michigan for the past 10 years and hope to return to the western region soon as possible. I shall check in on your knitting and travels again now that I know who you are. What fun! Knittng has brought some of the best people into my life.

  8. Hi Gayle,

    Thanks so much for your kind comment! I hope you get to return to New Mexico someday – it really is a nice place. La Jara is north of Taos, right across the border in Colorado.


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