Roasted Green Chili

It is the time of year for roasting green chillies, they are very popular in this part of the country (southern Colorado and northern New Mexico).  Every little grocery store has a chili roaster outside and there are people who just set up chili roasting equipment alongside the road to sell the roasted green chili, the local farmer’s markets usually sell them as well.  The smell is wonderful, it is so evocative of the southwest. 

It is amazing how much the chilies shrink after they are roasted – what starts out as a huge burlap bag filled with fresh green chilies comes out of the roaster and fits into a much smaller plastic bag for you to take home.

Just out of the roaster.

Just out of the roaster.

My husband helped me get our batch ready to freeze.  We set them out on paper towels to drain – after roasting, they build up a lot of fluid in the plastic bag they were placed in right out of the roaster.  Then we put 5 or 6 chilies in quart size freezer bags.  I rolled these down tightly and sealed the bag and then placed them in another quart bag and rolled that down tightly as well before placing in the freezer.

Preparing chilies for freezing.

Preparing chilies for freezing.

They thaw quickly when you want to use the frozen chilies.  After thawing, you clean the chili and then chop it up to use on just about anything!  Roasted green chili tastes good with so many things – it is great on top of any sort of meat (kind of like mushrooms on a steak), it tastes wonderful in omelets or scrambled eggs, you can put it in any sort of soup or stew.  It’s also a very tasty topping for burgers or sandwiches of any sort.  Of course, it makes fabulous green chili!  We use a LOT of green chili!

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2 Responses

  1. yay you got your chili! I used some this week in my curry chicken salad – highly recommend that!

  2. Isn’t it odd, Emmy, how green chili tastes good in almost everything! We ended up getting the biggest sack.

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