The Reversible Herringbone Scarf – A Small Knitting Dream Come True!

Reversible Herringbone Scarf

Reversible Herringbone Scarf

Knitting has been a part of my life for a very long time – over 45 years.  For a long while now, I’ve wished I could publish some of my own original knitting patterns.  Well, that dream has come true!  My very first published knitting pattern – the Reversible Herringbone Scarf is available to download on the top right of this blog.   If you click on the small picture on the top right or the larger picture in this post a PDF document of the pattern will open in a new window.

This pattern was submitted to Ravelry and I’ve been accepted as a designer there!  It isl so exciting that after all these years this small knitting dream is coming true!

If you are a knitter, you’ve probably heard of Ravelry.  If you haven’t, it is a wonderful on-line community for knitters, crochet people, spinners and even weavers.   If you like any kind of fiber arts and don’t belong to Ravelry – JOIN – it’s free!   My user name is: Sammie

This is a very versatile scarf pattern – it can be made in many widths and is a suitable pattern stitch for men, women or children.  It can be made in any weight of yarn as well.  The most important thing, to me, in a scarf pattern – is for the scarf to look good on both sides – this scarf looks the same on both sides.  Also, it is super simple to knit – the instructions are very detailed without lots of abbreviations.  It works best in a plain color so the stitch pattern is visible and a soft yarn which would feel nice around your neck.


3 Responses

  1. Very nice scarf! Hope you’re feeling better.

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  3. This is a great pattern! I’m an editor for, and I took the liberty of linking to your blog from my roundup blog post of free scarf knitting patterns. You can check it out here. I also just published a collection of free scarf knitting patterns at our website if you are interested. Thanks for sharing!

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