Snow Cones & Kids

Each Tuesday, I pick up my grandchildren after school and we spend the afternoon and early evening together. Sometimes, one or the other of them have something going on at church or school so there aren’t always four.  We have a wonderful time playing games and lately we have been making snow cones every Tuesday.  The kids just love having them even though it is the middle of winter!

Click For A Larger View

Click For A Larger View

I bought the snow cone maker just after Christmas for only $11 and it works really well.  The ice is frozen in round molds and then the machine shaves it to make a light fluffy ice – almost like snow.  At first, we used powdered drink mix and a bit of water to flavor the ice but I finally found some snow cone syrup and it works better.

Who knows, when the kids like to have snow cones in the winter perhaps they will be wanting hot chocolate in the summer!


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