Butter Mints

Last night, I made up a batch of Butter Mints for a housewarming party our friends are having on Saturday.  The color turned out to be a much more vibrant yellow than I was anticipating but they taste delicious!  I much prefer butter mints to the cream cheese mints – they get a firmer texture and have a lovely buttery taste.


They are quick and easy to make if you don’t use the rubber molds – that adds more time but they are very cute when shaped in molds.  They store well in the fridge or freezer and make the perfect After Dinner Mint when you’ve had guests for dinner (or even just yourself for dinner!).

This recipe also makes great wedding mints.

Butter Mints

1 Stick of Butter (1/4 lb) – don’t use margarine, only real butter

1 tablespoon Half & Half or Heavy Cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla (the clear vanilla doesn’t add any color)

1/2 teaspoon butter extract or flavoring (this is available in clear as well)

1/8 teaspoon (scant) spearmint oil – you can use the mint oil of your choice, there are several kinds such as wintergreen, peppermint and creme de menthe

Food Coloring of your choice – the gel food colorings work way better and only take a tiny amount

2 pounds (1 bag) powdered sugar


Soften the butter in the microwave until is is very soft but not totally melted (1 minute in my microwave), add the Half & Half, vanilla and butter extract, food coloring and mint oil and about 1/2 cup of the powdered sugar.  Whip with a wire whip until very smooth and creamy.  Add powdered sugar bit by bit until a dough forms – I usually end up dumping it out on my counter so I can knead the sugar in more easily.  When you get a nice pliable, easily workable dough put it in a plastic bag to keep it moist.

If you wish to make the quick style mints, take a small amount of mint dough out of the bag and work a bit more powdered sugar into it – then roll it into a rope with your hands on the counter and then cut it in little sections with a sharp knife. Place the little sections on a piece of wax paper or parchment to dry.  Keep doing this till all the dough is used up. Leave the mints to dry for a few hours and then store in container in the fridge for a week or so or in the freezer for a month or so.

If you wish to mold the mints, take a small amount of the mint dough out of the bag and break off a piece about the size of a marble and roll it into a ball in your hands, roll the marble sized ball of dough in some fine granulated sugar and then press into a mold and unmold immediately and place the mint on some wax paper or parchment paper to dry.  Sometimes, there is a bit of excess around the unmolded mint that is easy to trim off once the mints are dry.  Keep doing this till all the dough is used up – it can take a long time but they look lovely.  After the mints have dried for a few hours store in a container in the fridge for a week or so or in the freezer for a month or so.  It works best to store them in layers separated by parchment.

Here are some more pictures of previous batches of mints I’ve made:


These ones were for a wedding.


These were for a wedding as well.  I was trying for a burgandy color but this was as close as I could get.


These ones were for After Dinner Mints at home.  My husband really likes these mints and he is not a candy sort of person.


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  1. Very cool! Thanks for the recipe!

    (as an aside – are there many things that specifically call for butter for which margarine can be substituted? I haven’t found many!!! My husband taught me that one as I used to be a big margarine person, but he’s converted me.)

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