Busy Week

This week was busy and fun – not a lot of time for knitting or blogging though.  On Tuesday, I watched my five year old grandson after school.  He is in Kindergarten this year.  We played Pirate-opoly – a version of Monopoly with pirates especially for kids ages 5 to 8.  It is very fun and he loves to play as he usually always wins! (I don’t let him either!)  He also loves to play the game with plastic jumping frogs that is kind of like tiddly winks – I can hardly get them to jump in the container but he does it so well that he wins every time.  Bubble gum is another of his favorite things – just look at the size of the bubbles he can blow.  He is so full of energy and fun.  Being a grandma is great!

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with a close friend.  Afterwards, I did the grocery shopping and on the way home took this picture of Mount Blanca.  There had been fresh snow during the night and it looked so pretty.

On Friday morning, I went to a school play.  My friend’s daughter in the 6th grade was in the play that was a project for her drama class at the middle school.  It was really good!  They did a set of four fairy tales – Three Little Pigs, Rumplestiltskin, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  Each of the tales had its own new spin – such as the wolf ending up being friends with the three little pigs and the glass slipper getting broken when it was tried on by one of the ugly step sisters but Cinderella came up with the other one and still got to marry Prince Charming.  It was really an enjoyable play and the acting was very well done for 6th grade students.

Friday afternoon, I decided to go for a drive to the wildlife refuge then drove on to a neighboring town and shopped at a cute little organic store.  The Sandhill Cranes are back in the valley – they stop here on their migration in the spring and fall.  November is the main month for the fall migration but there are already a lot of cranes near the refuge.

The weather was lovely this week, warm without much wind.  Autumn is my favorite season.


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  1. Love the nature pics! I had never heard of Pirate-opoly – sounds like fun though!

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