Quick Trip to Salida

On Saturday afternoon after we got some stuff done around the house we decided to drive to Salida to eat dinner and look around.  It was a nice drive – most of the fall colors had gone from the mountains though.  They go in a hurry once it has been windy – all the leaves blow off the trees very quickly. 

I got quite a bit done on my car knitting project along the way.  It is going to be a vest that I’ve modified – more about it in this post:  Autumn Colors and a New Knitting Project

We took a walk along the river when we got there – it was really looking beautiful with the fall colors on the trees and the sun reflecting on the water.  The water was so clear that under the bridge (where there is no glare) we could see fish swimming in the water!  The sounds of the water and the leaves rustling in the breeze were so pleasant. It was warm, too.  There weren’t too many people around either – we saw one man riding a unicycle.  I’d kind of like to try that – just to see if it was difficult or like riding any other bike.  There are several benches and even a couple of tables along the riverwalk in Salida so you can just sit and enjoy being there.

After that we did a bit of shopping before we ate out at our favorite restaurant in Salida – Amicas.  It wasn’t very busy either – sometimes, it is so busy there that you have to wait a long time.  They have the best soup of anywhere I’ve ever eaten – everything is good but the soup is ultra delicious!

The drive home was nice, too.  There are so many deer in the roads anymore, you really have to be careful to avoid them.  We hit one back in March and it was dreadful – it killed the deer and really smashed our car.  Today, we saw one in Alamosa on the way out of town; saw several walking around the streets of Salida and one was standing in the highway in Alamosa on the way home and it wouldn’t even move!  They are so lovely to look at but are really a hazard on the road.


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