Autumn Colors and a New Knitting Project

On Saturday, October 4th, my husband and I decided to go for a drive to see the autumn colors in the moutains near our home. It is the perfect time for fall colors but it was a less than perfect day for a drive to see them! It was cloudy, rainy and sometimes so foggy you couldn’t even see very far ahead. However, it was still a beautiful drive – some of the aspen trees just seemed to glow with color. It was also kind of fun to drive in the rain and mist – it felt very cozy in the car.

Here are a couple more pictures. It was pretty wet so I didn’t take my good camera outside to get any super pictures, just used my little point and shoot though the windows.


I got started on a new knitting project on the way – all the others I have going are at a point that they aren’t good to take in the car. This is going to be a vest, it is based on this pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works – Venice Beach Tank. I’ve changed the bottom shaping quite a bit but I really like the way the straps are knitted on in one piece with no sewing. The yarn is lovely, it is called from Koala from Needful Yarns. It’s a very soft wool, alpaca and acrylic blend which I purchased from Elann. It has lots of body yet is still soft. This is going to be for a friend of mine who is like a daughter in law – this color looks wonderful on her.

We stopped at our favorite shop in Chama, New Mexico and bought some fudge and looked around. The couple who run the shop are so nice. It was very busy there as the Cumbres Toltec train had just come in and the passengers were wandering around Chama. On the way, I had wondered aloud to my husband if they would have some pumpkin fudge for the Halloween season. They did! It tastes really, really good. In the picture it is the gold color fudge on the upper left.

We ended up in Taos and did some shopping at Cids grocery store (they finally had some adzuki beans) and then ate Mexican food before we came home. It was a fun day even if the weather was bad.


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